Moving with Pets

Moving can be very stressful, even for pets. Unlike humans, they aren’t aware of what is happening and can’t appropriately prepare for such a gigantic environment change. While there isn’t an absolute solution to lessening the stress that our pets, or us, get when moving. You can take a few simple steps to make it less troubling for your pets.


Here Are Some Tips for Moving With Pets


First Day Preparation

While you will find the first couple days to be the most taxing on your pet, you can lessen the stress by making an ‘overnight kit’. This kit should be equipped with enough toys, food, litter, and other necessary items to keep a level of comfort for your pets.


Consult Your Veterinarian

When you move with pets, you may have to switch veterinarians. If this is the case, make sure to contact your current vet and have all your prescriptions and records transferred to the new vet. Also, talk to your vet about recommendations to a new veterinarian in the new area.


Keep Them Out of It

It is suggested that, during a move, you keep your pets away from the action to lessen stress. If you have a trusted friend to take them, or maybe a kennel, then it is best to utilize these options. If your new place has a spare room, maybe set it up for the pet. This will get them comfortable with the new house while you do all the heavy lifting. Make sure to check in on them on a regular basis, while trying to stick to your walking and feeding schedules.


Take Them With You

Adapting to change can be rough on a pet. So, one way to lessen this stressful time is to transport them in your own vehicle so they feel more comfortable. Try to avoid having a friend, transport them as it may add to the anxiety. If they are in a carrier, try throwing a blanket over it so they don’t stress over the change in environment.


Don’t Let Them Wander

It takes a couple of days for a dog to adjust to its new neighborhood. Because of this, it is suggested that you don’t let your fur babies run loose until they are used to their new home. Even if your dog is well behaved, if it gets away from you, it could get lost. We wouldn’t want that to happen.


Move The Pets Last

Animals rely heavily on smell. So, moving your pets last will help them readjust to the change. The more you set up the new house, the more it will smell like home. Something you could do is set up a room right off the bat. Then introduce your pet to that room while you move, checking regularly on them. Make sure they have plenty of attention and toys to keep their anxiety at its lowest.

It is never easy to undergo a move; however, you can make things easier for your pets by following these tips.

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